Once the strongest bastion of the Five Nations of Khorvaire, Karrnath suffered terribly during the Last War. A proud military tradition and a drive for excellence in all aspects of life empowered Karrnath before the war. However, the reputation of its military proved false after Aundair delivered several swift defeats during the war. Karrnath used necromancy to create undead legions from its fallen soldiers, to no avail. Today, Karrnath struggles against plague and famine.

Karrnath is one of the oldest human cultures in Khorvaire. It is still the mightiest military power on the continent, and King Kaius III is still Karrnath’s ruler. Although some Karrns do not trust the king, they acknowledge that he is methodical, powerful, and skilled. Between his own abilities and those of the lords, generals, and landowners who support him, Kaius could transform Karrnath into an unstoppable force once again. This ambition causes the other nations to eye Karrnath with wariness, despite King Kaius’s public support for peace.

The nation is hardly in a position to engage in an extended military campaign. Even though Karrnath boasts rich farmland, it lacks a sufficient number of experienced farmers to work it, and much of it still lies fallow two years after the end of the war. The nation trades livestock and lumber for the food staples it requires, but its population barely survives. A growing number of nobles, generals, and warlords see the army as a viable solution to this problem, and insist that Karrnath can take what it needs from its neighbors. So far, cooler heads have prevailed.

Unlike people elsewhere, Karrns aren’t horrified at the notion of undeath, due to the large numbers of undead that served – and still serve – in the Karrnathi military. Karrnath’s culture is focused on military service; Karrns value discipline and strength, and they have more respect for a leader they fear than for one they love.

Although ancient structures found across Karrnath predate Galifar, following the Last War Karrnath contains the largest number of modern military structures of any of the remaining Five Nations. Every territory is ruled by a warlord who swears fealty to King Kaius. Travel within the nation is relatively safe near the major communities, where the roads are patrolled by warlords’ soldiers, but a journey through more rural regions can prove dangerous.


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