Gnome Wizard


Relationship: mentor/ex-lover

Age (approx.): 100 yrs

Race: Gnome

Class/Occupation: Mage

Length of relationship (approx.): 20 yrs

Last met on good terms or bad terms?: good

Results of this person’s influence on you: As well as mentoring Trillian in the ways of a mage, Zaphod taught her to trust no one and suspect everyone. “The only person you can count on is yourself and never allow emotions to cloud one’s judgment when calculating your next move,” he would tell her. The military imprisoned Zaphod on suspicion of working for the opposition and then “enlisted” Trillian in an effort to understand what he might have accomplished. Hence, her unpatriotic view of the Karnnathi military. Trillian’s objective for once her service duty is completed is to find and free her mentor. Apparently she wasn’t paying attention during the lesson regarding not letting emotions muddle one’s objective.


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