Halfling Thief


Relationship: associate from our training days back in House Phiarlan

Age (approx.): approx the same age as Sharker

Race: Halfling

Class/Occupation: thief

Length of relationship (approx.): 10 years

Last met on good terms or bad terms?: M.I.A.

Results of this person’s influence: Sharker’s a little bit more conscious of his team when they’re in a dangerous situation. It probably makes him a little bit reckless if he feels that there is something he can do to end a conflict more quickly.

Celatreve and Sharker were both arrested for petty crimes in Atur. The sheriff and judge were both being paid off by the House Phiarlan. One of their tasks was to find kids that showed promise during crimes and to make them “disappear” quickly. The two halflings were shipped off to a training facility for their dragonmarked house. They quickly became friends and they excelled in the hellish training regimen.

They were sent to a palace to steal the Arkangel statue. The job didn’t go as planned. Celatreve had rigged some pitch to start burning at a specific time. That would create a necessary diversion to let them escape. It would also hopefully create enough damage that people would suspect that the statue was destroyed. Unfortunately they were detected, and had to fight their way out. The delay was long enough to ensure that they were still in the palace when the pitch went off. Sharker was able to escape during the chaos, but he lost track of his teammate.

The loss hit Sharker kind of hard. He impulsively left the House. That left a lot of bad blood. He felt a sense of duty to join the army. It seemed like a better fit. This way he would work in a well rounded team with a purpose and not just a group of thieves. Sharker heard a rumor once, that Celatreve is still alive and that he carries the scars from the Arkangel job. They say he’s risen to the top and he leads House Phiarlan. But you can’t ever really trust the things that a thief tells you.


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