Melinda Bittertongue

Human prostitute, age 47


Relationship: Mistress of the night

Age (approx.): 47

Race: Human, the hottie kind.

Class/Occupation: See “relationship”

Length of relationship (approx.): 2 years

Last met on good terms or bad terms?: Bad terms.

Results of this person’s influence: Long story short (and made-up; not the E! True Hollywood Story), Bittertongue had a childhood crush on Blucher, but Blucher rebuffed her advances because his heart belonged to another woman. Jealous Bittertongue then began a courtship with several men to gain Blucher’s attention. This did not work, but she spiraled into the “oldest profession in the world” and it became a way of life for her. Over time and unaware of her duties, Blucher finally took notice of Bittertongue. While he thought their romance was shared only between them, he eventually discovered he was only temporary pleasure for her. This broke his heart and resulted in his escape from the pain by enlisting into the army…

Melinda Bittertongue

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