Soldiers of Misfortune


After resting in the ritual chamber, Kallista, Trillian, Blucher, and Sharker stripped the uniforms off a few of the cultists and donned them as disguises before stepping through the portal in search of the wizard that got away.

The portal took them to an identical ritual chamber, but this one was clean. It had no spell components strewn about, and there was an altar off to one side. Sharker inspected the altar and found a magical amulet hanging from a peg on the back side of it. The group proceeded cautiously through the doors opposite the portal and followed the well-lit hallway into a grand mess hall complete with floating chandeliers.

The grand hall had four exits, and the adventurers were not about to take any chances with them. They took time to check each door for traps and listen for any sounds on the other side. They heard indistinct voices coming from behind one of the doors, and sounds of splashing coming from another; there were two doors that were silent.

After some debate, the group checked behind the door with the splashing sounds. Behind it, they found a destroyed room, more like a natural cave, as if it was burrowed into, or out of. The only illumination in the room was whatever filtered in from the grand hall, so Trillian cast a Light spell. Sharker noticed that the splashing had stopped, and Blucher could hear the sounds of mud squishing from behind some of the larger outcroppings of debris.

As Sharker advanced into the room to scout it out, he spotted a creature behind an algae-covered boulder to his right. It let out an alarm sound like a screeching ribbit, and hurled its weapon at him. Three more of the amphibious-looking creatures charged out of the darkness, two impaling Sharker with thrown javelins, and one lunging with its spear at Kallista, overpowering her and knocking her to the ground. Trillian used her magic to attack the monsters’ psyche, while Blucher used his longsword to attack the monsters physically, and the battle was quickly ended.

Rather than face another confrontation that may involve other cultists right away, the group decided to check out the doors which had no sounds behind them. They both led to hallways similar to the one they entered from, but the first one ended in another closed door. Sharker tiptoed closer to listen. He heard some chanting, then silence, and then a groan.

They left that door alone and checked the other hallway, which ended in another door but this one was open. Inside the room beyond, there was another portal and about half a dozen cultists all kneeling as if in prayer, facing in the direction of where the altar would be in the other similar rooms. As the group began to creep nearer, a bright flash came at them down the hallway and streams of ghostly energy poured out of the now-collapsed cultists toward the altar. Sharker peeked ahead and saw two necromancers towering over a body laid out on the altar. The energy flow stopped and the necromancers began to relax, as if their work was done.

Not waiting to stick around and find out what happens next, the party charged the nearest necromancer and ran him through before he knew what hit him! The other necromancer, in a panic, reanimated the five cultists whose life force he just drained. The cultists rose from the floor and shambled like zombies toward the nearest targets. Blucher assaulted the necromancer and grabbed him by his robes while Sharker gutted him with his short sword, but this necromancer wasn’t giving up without a fight.

The evil wizard cast a necrotic spell that pulled Sharker and Blucher out of position long enough for him to turn himself invisible and steal away with his prize: the resurrected Captain Donovan! The group defended themselves against the mindless cultists’ diversion, but they just missed preventing their former officer’s revival.

In the aftermath, Sharker inherited the magical short sword that the cultists used to perform their ritual.

[End session.]



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